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Medicare Options

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

Alternative way to receive Medicare benefits through private insurance companies.

  • Low to zero monthly premium
  • May include additional benefits such as: Vision, hearing, dental and wellness
  • Most plans include drug coverage (Part D)
  • Out-of-pocket Maximum
  • May need a referral to see a specialist
  • Depending on the plan type, you may be restricted to certain providers

Medigap Plans

  • Purchased through private insurance companies to help pay for your out-of-pocket Part and Part B costs.
  • Most popular Medigap Plans are: Plan F, Plan G and Plan N
  • Enroll anytime throughout the year

  • No provider restrictions.
  • Monthly premium, so the cost is predictable
  • Electronic claim filing with most companies
  • No additional benefits; e.g., dental, vision, hearing
  • No Rx coverage(highly recommended to add drug coverage)

Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Key Differences between Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Plans are different from carrier to carrier and plan type.


Medigap Plans traditionally have a higher monthly premium.

Medicare Advantage Plans may have a zero to a low monthly premium. Medicare Advantage Plans.


Medigap Plans do not have network restrictions. Policyholders can see any provider in the US who participates in Medicare.

On the other hand, most Medicare Advantage Plans require that you use contracted providers

Additional Benefits

Medigap Plans do not include any additional benefits such as perscription drug coverage, dental, vision, or hearing.

Most Medicare Advantage Plans include Part D, dental, hearing, vision and wellness benefits.